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Oh, The Nice Ol’ Summer Days!

Oh, The Nice Ol' Summer Days!Taken at Port Dover harbour on a sunny, calm day.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

Soaring Into The Sunset!

Soaring Into The Sunset!Beautiful shot taken in Port Dover at sundown. Submitted by Joseph Duenas.

Cold But Peaceful!

Cold But Peaceful!Port Dover a few weeks ago… Stunning! Submitted by Bruce Kirby.

Sun Shining Over Dover!

Sun Shining Over Dover!This is why I love Port Dover, any season is beautiful! Submitted by Val Patterson.


A Mild Winter!

A Mild Winter!“I was out at Port Dover this morning and noticed how the ducks and gulls were floating on the ice”, writes Heather Petre. “Other years that area is frozen solid… not this year”.

Beauty on the Horizon!

Beauty on the Horizon!The last weekend of summer brought many opportunities to capture a beautiful, colourful sunset behind the iconic Port Dover lighthouse. Submitted by Andrea Drayer.


A Sunny Day in Port Dover!

A Sunny Day In Port Dover!And we cannot wait to see it again… without all the ice and snow.  Submittd by Evy Beraldo.

Ontario’s South Coast!

Ontario's South Coast!Only in Port Dover can you see palm trees and snow at the same time!   Submitted by Peter Knechtel.

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