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What a Sight!

What a Sight!7:00 a.m. sunrise in Dunnville at Port Maitland Pier on Lake Erie. Sent by Ryan Hedley.

Fall Splendour!

Fall Splendour!Here is a gorgeous view captured while hiking; there’s much beauty around us, we just have to get out and see it. Submitted by Marjorie Hoekstra, Dunnville.

Port Maitland Deep Freeze!

Port Maitland Deep Freeze!Ryan Hedley got a great capture of the frozen pier in Dunnville at -25C.

Sunset on the Grand!

Sunset on the Grand!We were crossing the Dunnville bridge over the Grand River during a short break between rain showers when we saw this spectacular sunset. Submitted by Betsy McBurney.

Proud Canadians!

Proud Canadians!Grandview Lodge, a long term care home located in Dunnville, Ontario, celebrated Canada’s Birthday by creating this picture with staff, volunteers, family members and residents. Submitted by Joanne Jackson.


A Dunnville Sunset!

A Dunnville Sunset!Linda Bajic captured this fantastic sunset shot over the Grand River.


Star Struck!

Star Struck!James Franco was walking around the streets of Dunnville last month filming a Stephen King mini television series and I was able to capture this photo of him at Grand Erie Motors. Submitted by Marisa Booker.

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