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Frozen Over

Frozen OverWalking around Tiffany and Tews Falls in the winter can be a rewarding experience.

Webster’s Falls

Webster's FallsJustin Kimmins took this picture from the bottom of the waterfall showcasing the gorgeous rainbows and the changing of the seasons!

Little Canterbury Falls

Little Canterbury FallsWhile the colours in the surrounding forest were quite strong, in the gorge where the falls are situated, there were still a considerable amount of green foliage.  Submitted by Neville Newman.

Fall Beauty!

Fall Beauty!Albion Falls is looking glorious these days.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

Tew’s Falls

Tew's FallsThe top of Tew’s Falls was beautiful on this sunny, Fall day.  Submitted by Beverly Graham.


Hypnotizing!“I took this photo at the bottom of Webster’s Falls”, writes Dermot Picco.  “There was something magical about the beauty that caught my eye”.

Hidden Treasure!

Hidden Treasure!After a nice 4 km walk, I found this beauty… Hilton Falls in Milton, Ontario. Submitted by Ajay Mathew.

Looking Up, Looking Out!

Looking Up, Looking Out!This picture was taken from behind the falls at Borers Falls in Dundas on a beautiful Winter day. Submitted by George Johnson.

Websters Falls

Websters FallsOne of nature’s beautiful work of art. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

I’m Ready! You’re Ready! We’re All Ready!

I'm Ready!  You're Ready!  We're All Ready!Even the waterfront is ready for Spring and Summer!  Submitted by Randy Newstead.

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