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Love is in the Air

Love is in the AirTwo coyotes rubbing each other’s noses as seen from the backyard looking out onto Bruleville Park on Hamilton Mountain. Submitted by Charles Dimitry.

Shy Observer

Shy Observer“This little fellow caught my eye while walking in the Dundas Valley.” Sent by Doug Ward.

Dressed to Impress

Dressed to ImpressHere is a beautiful horse keeping warm in its winter coat. Taken by Pat Brown.

Face Off with the Intruders

Face Off with the IntrudersStella, the Golden Retriever, defends her territory by barking up a storm at the two visiting coyotes.  Taken by Charles Dimitry.

Enjoying a Warm Spell

Enjoying a Warm SpellDeer are taking in the mild weather at the Hamilton Conservation Park by Governor’s Road. Photographed by Gedas Blekaitis.

Fashion Show?

Fashion Show?Out for a drive on a very chilly winter day, Pat Brown, passed these beautiful horses in their lovely coats.

Local Celebrity

Local CelebrityGary Parker said: Here is our ‘Brownie’ who lives right here in downtown Burlington. And yes, that magnificent tail is blond!

Checkin’ Out the Neighbourhood

Checkin' Out the NeighbourhoodThis red fox was checking out a back yard in Dundas Valley, overlooking Ancaster Creek, and felt comfortable enough to have a rest. Sent by Crystal Helms.

Sniffing Out Spring

Sniffing Out SpringDenise Turcotte writes: “This possum heard the groundhogs call for an early spring so was checking it out at the Bayfront.”

Too Many Nuts This Winter?

Too Many Nuts This Winter?A plump squirrel basking in the January sun at LaSalle Park in Burlington. Submitted by Alice Bespolko.

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