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Golden Beach!

Golden Beach!An amazing sunset at Long Point Beach, Ontario.  Submitted by Marilyn Teague, Burlington.

Morning Mist

Morning MistGeorge Johnson took this beautiful photo while kayaking in the early morning hours on Eels Lake near Bancroft.

Good Morning Normandale!

Good Morning Normandale!It was a beautiful and peaceful morning here in Normandale.  Submitted by Val Harvey Patterson.

Point Albino Lighthouse

Point Albino LighthouseWe kayaked out to the lighthouse at night with hopes of catching a glimpse of the Milky Way.  Submitted by Tim Serneels.

Frozen Wonder!

Frozen Wonder!The recent cold snap brought out the true splendour of Niagara Falls… even at -20C. Submitted by Ron Verbeek.

The Twenty Creek in Fall Colours!

The Twenty Creek in Fall Colours!While out for a walk on our farm along the Twenty Creek, I couldn’t resist pausing and admiring Mother Nature’s handy work. Submitted by Deborah Coon-Petersen.

Go Wild!

Go Wild!We went wild at the African Lion Safari, enjoying both the animals and grounds.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

St. Jacobs Engine #9

St. Jacobs Engine #9“Engine, engine number 9. Running down (Elmira) line.” A beautiful scene of the steam train crossing the Conestoga River. Submitted by Dan Copeland.

Pedal to the Metal!

Pedal to the Metal!The Paris to Ancaster bike race… Gruelling climb up Martins Road to the finish line. Submitted by Joel Marshall.

Beautiful in Any Season!

Beautiful in Any Season!People from all over the world come to view Niagara Falls. We are very lucky that it is just a short drive away. Submitted by Gordon Harris.

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