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Hamilton Mum Show

Hamilton Mum ShowRick Grant sent us a wonderful picture of a flower from his visit to the Hamilton Mum show in Gage Park.

Beauty on Display!

Beauty on Display!One of the over 200 varieties of Chrysanthemums at the Gage Park Mums Show. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Advice From a Sunflower

Advice From a SunflowerBe bright, sunny and positive.  Spread seeds of happiness.  Rise, shine and hold your head high.  Photo submitted by Craig Harding.

Late Bloomer!

Late Bloomer!I always find it’s the rose that blooms in the Fall that is the most beautiful… from our garden in Stoney Creek.  Submitted by Bill Poole.


Feeding Time!

Feeding Time!It is a quiet multitude of little miracles that makes life sweet.  Submitted by Sunita Ryzewics.

Frog in the Dahlias

Frog in the DahliasI found this little guy hiding in my garden.  Submitted by Irene Cizikas, Lynden.

Simply… Beautiful!

Simply... Beautiful!Walking down Guise Street, in Hamilton.  Submitted by Lisa.

Painted Beauty!

Painted Beauty!A beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly at Laking Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens.  Submitted by Joel Marshall.

Yellow on Yellow in Yellow

Yellow on Yellow in YellowThe image of a yellow bee landing on the yellow centre of a Lemon Yellow Coneflower was something I just had to shoot.  Submitted by Norm Talbot.

So Many Flowers…

So Many Flowers...…SO LITTLE TIME! – It was lovely seeing so many bees enjoying the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Photo submitted by Heather Cozens.

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