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The Prettiest Ornament

The Prettiest OrnamentGracie climbed into the Christmas tree without disturbing a single ornament, poked her head out, then carefully climbed back down. We were very thankful the entire tree did not come down!
Submitted by Cathy and Jim Smith.

Peeking Out!

Peeking Out!Oscar loves to climb the apple tree. Submitted by Jeffrey Brawn.

Black Panther

Black PantherOur little panther, Oscar, likes to climb our apple tree.  Submitted by Jeffrey Brawn.

On Top of the Fridge!

On Top of the Fridge!This is our handsome 2 year old brown spotted Bengal kitty, Romeo, on his favourite spot. Submitted by Jenna McCormack.


Buddies!You won’t find two better friends than Tico and Toby.   Submitted by Denise Dupuis.

My Little Couch Potato!

My Little Couch Potato!Maya fell asleep watching TV.  Submitted by Liander Styres-MacLeod.

Love You Mom!

Love You Mom!Our loving cats, Ami and Lukas. Submitted by Johanna Bossom and John Pavicic.

My Paper!

My Paper!My daily routine of trying to read the paper! Charcoal does not want to let me catch up on the news. She’s too cute! Submitted by Cindy Raymer.


Do You Want To Play?

Do You Want To Play?I think little Wallers is in a playful mood. Submitted by Brad Vacca.

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!Quentin celebrated his 3rd birthday with a special cupcake.  Submitted by Robert Hicks.

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