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Black Beauty

Black Beauty“This is what emerged from a tiny caterpillar found on a parsley plant”, writes Madge Passmore.  “Here it is, a beautiful black Swallowtail, on the hand of a young neighbour shortly before taking flight.”

Painted Beauty!

Painted Beauty!A beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly at Laking Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens.  Submitted by Joel Marshall.

Tagged Butterfly

Tagged Butterfly“This Monarch butterfly was dining on our Lantana and when it closed its wings I noticed a sticker, writes Denise Turcotte. “It was tagged to track its journey to Mexico.”

Beautiful Lady!

Beautiful Lady!Beauty in the garden of Echinacea.  Submited by John Rigg.

A Welcome Visitor!

A Welcome Visitor!The elusive Monarch Butterfly visited our backyard.  Submitted by Gedas Blekaitis.

Sweet Nectar!

Sweet Nectar!Glenn Petersen was out for a walk on his farm and came across this beautiful Monarch butterfly on a Milkweed flower.

Butterfly on Butterfly

Butterfly on ButterflyEvelyn Kenna was feeling lucky when she caught this photo of a Monarch Butterfly on the Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) in her front garden. “Monarch caterpillars are completely dependent on milkweed for their survival.  This is a “must-have” perennial for every garden!”

Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly” (Anonymous).  Submitted by Dave Custeau.

Dinner for Two!

Dinner for Two!Confederation Park, Hamilton. Submitted by Bill Vowles.

Spring Looking Fall Shot!

Spring Looking Fall Shot!This photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day while my hubby and I went for a walk in Sam Lawrence Park. Submitted by Angel West.

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