Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cheery Colour!

Cheery Colour!It does the heart a world of good this time of year to see a bright pop of colour as displayed on this Red-breasted Woodpecker. Submitted by Lois McNaught.

A Poisonous Ribbit!

A Poisonous Ribbit!A Blue Poison Dart Frog at the frog exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens, on until April 12th. Submitted by Gordon Harris, Waterdown.

Vertical Sunset

Vertical SunsetJerry Utter captured this beautiful sunset on Brock Road, right above Dundas.


Sweet Treats for a Sweet Friend!

Sweet Treats for a Sweet Friend!Submitted by Kelly Pattison.


Not Angry Birds… Hungry Birds!

Not Angry Birds, Hungry Birds!While hiking at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melissa Northey saw about twenty beautiful and hungry Cedar Waxwings enjoying some berries.

Midnight at Sam Lawrence Park

Midnight at Sam Lawrence Park“On an unusually foggy evening for a January, I ventured out during the ice and fog to capture the moment”, writes Kevin Lee.  “Normally when photographing at Sam Lawrence Park, we shoot over the city”.

Graduation Photo!

Graduation Photo!This is our rescued dog, Cookie, who just graduated from obedience school.
Submitted by Chuck Burdick

A Rare Sight!

A Rare Sight!I received word from a friend that a Painted Bunting had been seen in Oakville. I had to track it down, being that such a bird is unusual to these parts of Canada. Submitted by David Barnes.


A Beautiful Winter Sunset!

A Beautiful Winter Sunset!We have seen some beautiful sunsets lately.  This is one over Stoney Creek. Sent by Michael Bazinet.


Brown Cutie

Brown CutieThis is my Paso Fino mare, Conte, relaxing on a warm winter day. Submitted by Jeannette Essiambre.

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