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March 2015 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Hamilton On Ice!

Hamilton On Ice!A recent thaw put a nice sheen on the snow.  Submitted by Kevin Lee.

Dr. Doolittle Must Live Here!

Dr. Doolittle Must Live Here!While in Fisherville, driving down one of the concessions, I came across an unusual sight, 14 ginger cats, one black and white, and a peacock, all enjoying the sun on the front porch .  Submitted by Ted Lazich.

Caught in the Act!

Caught In The Act!This is Willy with a sock he shouldn’t have.

The Lister Block Lit Up!

The Lister Block All Lit Up!The Hamilton Blues Society just finished playing at the Hamilton Tourism Juno office when I noticed they had set up lights around the perimeter highlighting the building.  It looked stunning!  Submitted by Bill Watson.

Cutely Camouflaged!

Cutely Camouflaged!David Boyd was lucky to spot and photograph these two Screech Owls taking a nap.

Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring!The Hamilton Bike Share program was officially launched this week but these pretty blue bikes have been around Hamilton for a few months now. Submitted by Mike Downs.


Do You Want To Be My Friend?

Do You Want To Be My Friend?Bob Fotheringham and his wife spotted this cute white squirrel near Niagara Falls.


A Sunny Day in Port Dover!

A Sunny Day In Port Dover!And we cannot wait to see it again… without all the ice and snow.  Submittd by Evy Beraldo.

Wide Eyed and Beautiful!

Wide Eyed and Beautiful!“While travelling the back roads, I had the feeling I was being watched, writes Pat Wintemute. “I was thrilled to come across this beautiful short eared owl”.

It’s Mine… It’s All Mine!

It's Mine!  It's All Mine!Ripley has always been a Warhol fan!  Submitted by Brooke Pearson.

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