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A Wonderful Surprise!

A Wonderful Surprise!“While out hiking the Bruce Trail with my husband, Jeff, we had the thrill of seeing this beautiful Great Horned Owlet” writes Sandra Barbour. “It is so exciting to have so much wildlife right here in our own city!”


Painting in the Sky!

Painting in the Sky!As I stopped along the Number 6 Bypass to Caledonia to take this beautiful picture, so did a lovely police officer. She wanted to make sure I wasn’t in any trouble. We both agreed that, YES, moments like these need to be captured.  Submitted by Deb Klunder.


Holy Cormorant, Batman!

Holy Cormorant, Batman!Mary-lee Sampson photographed a Batman looking Cormorant as he was drying his wings in the Hamilton Harbour.


Ruthven Owls!

Ruthven Owls!“These saw-whet owls were hanging out at the Ruthven Park National Historic Site Banding Station near Cayuga”, writes Betsy Smith. “Banders are at the station daily from pre-sunrise until mid-afternoon during this spring migration”.


Please Recycle!

Please Recycle!This is our dog, Zelta, dressed in safety gear and working in the yard. He is always promoting recycling.  Submitted by Chris Caers.

Hamilton Lights Out!

Hamilton Lights Out!“I decided to venture out one evening and witness the lights out phenomenon over the city”, writes Kevin Lee.  “While capturing the end of a spectacular sunset, it appears there were still many lights burning bright”.

Angry Birds!

Angry Birds!Karen Cunningham captured these two Tree Swallows having “words” at Windermere Basin.



Twitterpated!This robin was at war with himself at our front window, peck, peck, pecking away at his own reflection. We had to put newspapers in the window to hide the reflection so he would stop knocking on the window. Submitted by Hank Rintjema.

Can I Have a Kiss, Please?

Can I Have a Kiss, Please?My niece Mackenna and my dog Lola taking a break from our weekend hike at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area/Hermitage area. Submitted by Bev Russ.


Frequent Visitors!

Frequent Visitors!These two Bald Eagles have become regular visitors along the Niagara Parkway near Queenston Heights. Submitted by Bob Fotheringham.

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