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Let’s Go for a Walk!

Let's Go for a Walk!This is Max, waiting patiently to go for a walk on a lovely Spring day with his Mom and her walker.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

A Dreamy Sunset In Hamilton!

A Dreamy Sunset in Hamilton!“I walked up to Sam Lawrence Park to watch the sunset”, writes Irini Patsalides. “When I came to the grassy field at the top of the park, I was speechless… the view was breathtaking!”

What a Delight!

What a Delight!The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak lunching on sunflower seeds! Submitted by Katherine Pickering.


A Fisher King!

A Fisher King!“It’s hard to get a nice shot of these Belted Kingfishers”, writes Tim Serneel. “I sat in a camouflage blind and was lucky enough to have one land nearby”.

Gotta Love the Sunrise!

Gotta Love the Sunrise!Lisa Oldfield moved to the beach recently. She is really enjoying the beautiful sunrises the beach has to offer!

Magnificent Magnolias!

Magnificent Magnolias!“To me, it isn’t really spring until the Magnolias bloom”, writes Lois McNaught.  “This is just one of the many beautiful varieties at the Royal Botanical Gardens”.

Spring Strut!

Spring Strut!A local rooster stretching his legs while out on a stroll on Concession 2, Lynden. Submitted by Karen O’Grady.

Not Interested!

Not Interested!I am a fan of Law and Order: SVU but it seems that Minnie does not share my enthusiasm.  Submitted by Doug Foley.

Hand Painted?

Hand Painted?Tim Serneel took a picture of this beautiful Wood Duck in a small pond in north Burlington.


What’s so Great About Spring?

What's so Great About Spring?The Spring flowers, of course!  Submitted by Sue Stirling.

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