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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!OH CANADA! – Dave, Kristy and Nitro shared the view they had of the Canada Flag in front of a beautiful rainbow. Submitted by Dave Custeau.


Battlefield Park

Battlefield Park“We saw the re-enactment of a fight between British and American troops which turned the war of 1812 in the Brit’s favour”, writes Rob Muir. “The participants gave a faithful re-enactment, the commentator made it fun, and the crowd had a great time”.


Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Stop and Smell the Flowers!This is Star, enjoying Suzie’s garden.  Submitted by Raymond Rea.

A Close Up Encounter!

A Close Up Encounter!“What a thrill it was to watch for several hours, the routine of an eagle’s nest”, writes Pat Wintemute. “We stood for several hours watching and waiting along with the eaglets for the male to bring home food”.


Lots of Thrills!

Lots of Thrills!Perfect weather helped make the annual Bike for Mike Charity Ride a success as hundreds of riders hit the starting line at Hamilton’s Bayfront Park.   Submitted by Jim Smith.

Electrofishing on the Grand!

Electrofishing on the Grand!“Backpacks, dip nets and waders did the trick as ecologists electrofished the Grand River at Cambridge recently”, writes Gord McNulty.  “The survey technique is harmless to fish populations”.

A Quick but Amazing Snap!

A Quick but Amazing Snap!“I was working in the yard when this Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly decided to land just a few inches away and pose for a photo,” writes Mike Goodwin. “Good thing I had my phone in my pocket to capture a quick snap before it fluttered away”.



Pretty in Blue!

Pretty in Blue!“While out taking photographs Monday morning, I happened upon this tree swallow watching me very closely”, writes David Barnes. “ There were babies in the tree as well”.

Pretty Cool View!

Pretty Cool View!While many people were enjoying the gorgeous sunset, I was lucky enough to be sitting on my balcony when this vibrant rainbow appeared over the Harbour. Submitted by Frances Maas.

Friends Forever!

Friends Forever!Rusty has a heart condition, so Buggie the cat likes to keep close by. Between the love and the sun, there is a lot of warmth.  Submitted by Diane Waterman.

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