Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sunflower Feast!

Sunflower Feast!This Cardinal couple was happy to pose for Sandra Todd after they enjoyed the seed buffet she had put out for them while visiting Hendrie Valley.



Beautiful Lilies!BEAUTIFUL LILIES! – Summer lilies from our friend’s garden in Port Dover. Submitted by Bill Poole, Stoney Creek.



Sunset in Paradise!

Sunset in Paradise!At the end of a recent outing exploring Cootes Paradise in our kayaks, my wife Kathy and I were treated to this amazing sunset. Submitted by Mike Goodwin.


All Lined Up!

All Lined Up!“While driving North on Walkers Line, I spotted the largest group of turkey vultures I had ever seen in one place”, writes Bill Moreau.  “I was lucky that I had my camera with me”.

A Bug’s Life!

A Bug's Life!I spent a beautiful day at the Whistling Gardens in the Simcoe area; lots of beautiful flower gardens, shrubs and a dancing water show are something to see! Submitted by Val Patterson.

Everyone Loves Tybalt!

Everyone Loves Tybalt!He loves playing with paper and going for walks in his stroller (yep, he has a stroller); and he can meow the word ‘Mom’ (it’s hilarious, he very clearly says ‘Mom’).  Submitted by Laura Charman.

Mom’s Home!

Mom's Home!“I was lucky enough to capture this mother Bald Eagle returning to the nest”, writes John Kaumeyer. “You can see the two babies in the nest getting all excited to see Mom back home”.


Look at That View!

Look at That View!We had a nice view of the field and of the city while watching the Canadian Women’s Soccer team play England back at the end of May at Tim Horton’s Field. Canada won 1-0.  Submitted by Carrianne James.


Pan Am Fan!

Pan Am Fan!Go Canada Go! Till the end, Timbit always cheers for Canada! Submitted by the Badzioches.


Golden Sunset!

Golden Sunset!A lovely sunset after the rain at Macassa Bay Yacht Club in early June. Submitted by Cyndi Ingle.


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