Monthly Archives: August 2015

Storms and Sunflowers!

Storms and Sunflowers!A wicked storm that arrived during a visit to Bogle Seeds Farm quickly turned into a scene from a scary movie!   Submitted by Susan Terzis.

Travelling Dog!

Travelling Dog!Buttons is 7 years old and travels everywhere with me. He came to the Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula last week. Tourists helped us bring him down and we hiked our way to a magnificent place.  Submitted by Ruth Castellanos.

Ready, Set, Take Off!

Ready, Set, Take Off!Confederation Park has several ponds and the Herons can be found wading around the edges. Photo taken and submitted by Craig McCall.

Sunset Silhouette!

Sunset Silhouette!A beautiful silhouette to end an amazing airshow! Thanks, Canadian Warplane Museum! Submitted by Dave Grandoni.


Fly By!

Fly By!Our son, Arie Frei, had a close encounter with a few Canada geese, as we enjoyed a beautiful evening down at Pier 4 Park. Submitted by Dave Frei.

Waiting for the Fog to Clear!

Waiting for the Fog to Clear!While waiting for the fog to clear I was watching the Bald Eagle sitting quietly undisturbed in the forest trees. Submitted by Pat Wintemute.


Sunset Baseball!

Sunset Baseball!Wayne MacPhail had his iPhone ready and captured this spectacular sunset during a pickup baseball game in Victoria Park.

Sunset Reflections!



Princess Point is the best place in Hamilton to catch the sunset.    Submitted by George Johnson.



Doggie Parking Only!My dog Max was very grateful for a nice cold drink of water at Hutch’s after a hot walk along the beach.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

I Can See the Light!

I Can See the Light!“So, there really is light at the end of the tunnel”, writes Tim Serneels. “This was taken just west of LaSalle Park Marina”.


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