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What’s All the Humming About?

What's All the Humming About?There has been a flurry of hummingbird activity in my backyard lately, so I pulled out my camera to see what I could catch!  Submitted by Tim Serneels.


Patiently Waiting for a Catch!

Patiently Waiting for a Catch!A heron having some quiet time at the dam on the Grand River in Caledonia. Submitted by Bob Richert.

Calm After the Storm!

Calm After the Storm!Moments after a severe thunderstorm, the sky opened up at Cootes Paradise, leaving the sunset a sight for sore eyes. Submitted by Carolyn Stearns.

Garden Inspection!

Garden Inspection!This is Oscar doing his daily garden inspection.  He has been outfitted with wheels so he can get around.  Submitted by Jim Riley.

Bubbles and Balloons!

Bubbles and Balloons!That’s about all you need to enjoy a warm sunny day while exploring the vendors and crowds at any one of Hamilton’s amazing festivals.  Submitted by Jim Smith.

Sailing Takes me Away!

Sailing Takes Me Away!We were having a walk along York Boulevard when we saw this delightful, peaceful scene on the Bay. Submitted by Pat Brown.




BEE-UTIFUL!“It’s BEEn a little busy in my garden lately”, writes Louise Learn. “The bees are loving the sunflowers”.

A Nice Day To Go For a Walk… Not!

A Nice Day To Go For a Walk...  Not!It sure didn’t look like it was going to rain when we started out for our walk! Submitted by Barry Armstrong Jr.

Dinner Time!

Dinner Time!“I just happened to catch mom feeding her young in my backyard”, writes Sabrina Ann Buonamici. “It is such a sweet sight!”

A Quiet, Peaceful Walk!

A Quiet, Peaceful Walk!Christine Lobsinger enjoyed a nice, long walk at the beach near the lift bridge on Beach Boulevard, feeling thankful for such a beautiful view!

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