Monthly Archives: November 2015

November Colours!

November Colours!“On a walk down the road to Bayfront Park on November 3rd, I was taken by this scene”, writes John Laidler. “Surely, it can’t be November!”




Comfy!Our cat, Frisco, (rescue cat found at Frisco’s Bar & Grill in 2010, hence the name), peacefully asleep in his bed.  Submitted by Paul Casey.

Chedoke Golf Course!

Chedoke Golf Course!“I took a drive here one day, as I knew the autumn colours would be gorgeous here and it was breathtaking that day”, writes Sherrie Cooper. “I was blessed!”


Autumn Colours, Welland Canal

Autumn Colours, Welland CanalThe last of the autumn colours, on a beautiful fall day, near the Welland Canal. Submitted by Russell Pape.


Two legs, two geese!

Two legs, two geese!Emil Fusaro captured this interesting image at Bayfront Park in Hamilton.

Don’t Look Now!

Don't Look Now!This is Marley, enjoying a nice sunset… Little did she know there was a family of ducks behind her. Submitted by Jacqueline Lenko.

From a Different Perspective!

From a Different Perspective!A view of Hamilton from Borer’s Falls area.  Submitted by Brent Foreman.


High Five!

High Five!This stunning portrait of Kialah Macabuag, 8, was taken at the Wellwood Walk/Run/Wheel for Colorectal Cancer Awareness, held in October at McMaster University. Kialah had just finished the kids’ 1K and was giving a high five to everyone who crossed the finish line. Photo by Kristen Salena; submitted by Jane George.

Puppies Chatting!

Puppies Chatting!Bear and Butterscotch discussing the weather.  Submitted by Paul & Michele.

Perfect Splash Landing!

Perfect Splash Landing!“While walking by the water, I saw this goose make a perfect splash landing just shy of hitting a duck”, writes Mike Perron. “I guess, that’s where they got the expression, “Lucky Duck””.



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