Monthly Archives: January 2016

Warming Up!

Warming Up!Our dog, Tucker, was trying to keep warm. He jumped up onto our kitchen table to catch some sun……and maybe a little news!  Submitted by Helen Harris.

Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo!I caught these cute little guys playing in the alley behind my house one day.  At first, I thought there was just two of them but when I examined the photo closer, I noticed a third. Submitted by Bill Boyd-Wilson.


Even the Tractors are Festive!

Even the Tractors are Festive!“I took this image just around the corner from where I live”, writes Virginia Stranaghan.  “This is how country folks in Beamsville decorate for the Holiday Season”.

A River of Geese!

A River of Geese!These Canada Geese seemed to be nice and cozy at the Desjardins Canal, Dundas. Submitted by Annerie van Gemerden.

Is Lunch Ready?

Is Lunch Ready?As I was preparing lunch today, a Sharp-Shinned hawk landed in the tree above our bird feeder…eyes ever ready, one foot tucked up for warmth! Submitted by Kathy Pickering.

A Golden Beauty!

A Golden Beauty!Hamilton has its own Golden Gate Bridge. The lift bridge! Submitted by George Johnson.

Life at the Red Hill Valley!

Life at the Red Hill Valley!With so many beautiful creatures living here, this place should be included into the new Greenbelt plan. Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Blast From the Past!

Blast From the Past!Built around 1805, the Hatt Building is thought to be the oldest building in Dundas. Submitted by Martin Ramsey.


Snoozing!This is Spike, my 11 year old Mini Schnauzer and Poodle mix, having a time out with a good book and a short snooze. Submitted by Don Teeple.

Praying for Snow…

Praying for Snow...Not this Snowy Owl. Just a smooth, beautiful landing. Submitted by Pat Wintemute of Dundas.

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