Monthly Archives: February 2016

Your Morning Bird Shot!

Your Morning Bird Shot!A beautiful American Kestrel taken at Windermere Basin on February 7, 2016.  Submitted by Mick Madderson.


Lovely Day for a Walk!

Lovely Day for a Walk!This is Whitney, out for a walk on a snowy day.  Sumbitted by Helen Stone.

Sammi’s Second Love!

Sammi's Second Love!She married her first love later that day. Submitted by Papa and Nana.


Old Man Winter!

Old Man Winter!Winter has arrived and it was merciless! Submitted by Brian Copeland.

Cleared for Takeoff!

Cleared for Takeoff!My dog, Chewy, is loving the cold and the snow, and wishing for more. Submitted by Andrew Stevenson.



Where Nature and Industry Collide!

Where Nature and Industry Collide!On a beautiful early Saturday morning, I went out to explore the magnificent views Hamilton has to offer. Taken from York Boulevard, in this -17C weather. Submitted by Sandi Schmidt-Munro.


Warming Up!

Warming Up!On a beautiful weekend in February, I was able to get a shot of this sparrow enjoying the sunshine. He posed just long enough for me to get this shot! Submitted by Susanne Swayze.


A Very Lucky City!

A Very Lucky City!“A very warm February day was perfect for a visit to several Hamilton area waterfalls, including Tews Falls”, writes Janet McNally of Burlington. Hamiltonians are fortunate to have so many falls right at their fingertips.

Are We at the Vet’s?

Are we at the Vet's?This is out precious cat, Sprinkles.  Submitted by Rick Hogg.

Looking for Lunch?

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle

While walking along the Harbourfront Trail, I was thrilled to see this juvenile Bald Eagle who was kind enough to pose for me. Submitted by Lois McNaught.

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