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A Beautiful Winter Scene!

A Beautiful Winter Scene!Diane Best captured this beautiful winter scene at Lowville Park, Burlington.


Skating on Thin Ice!

Skating on Thin ice!I spotted this lovely Hooded Merganser at the edge of the ice on Grindstone Creek in the Royal Botanical Gardens on March 4th. Submitted by Bob Blair.


A Sure Sign of Spring!

A Sure Sign of Spring!Rick Grant captured this nice spring photo in his garden in Caledonia.

Frozen Fingers!

Frozen Fingers!“My wife and I noticed winter’s last stand during a walk on the Burlington waterfront”, writes Jim Smith. “The warm sun had turned the walkways to mushy snow and had decorated the ice-coated chains with long icicle fingers”.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!My 4 year old Pomeranian cross, Bentley, is very excited about Easter.  Submitted by Courtney Watson.

Between Winter and Spring!

Between Winter and Spring!“Walking down at Bayfront Park, enjoying the warmth of the sun and signs of spring all around”, writes Suzanne Swayze. “The water was calm and reflected like glass, making this sight a great capture”.

Standing Strong!

Standing Strong!You’ll find this beautiful tree at Sam Lawrence Park. It is always a lovely sight – so easy to get to and it has a great view of the city. Submitted by Heather Petre.

Waiting for Spring!

Waiting for Spring!Our dog, Linus, is waiting for spring so he can play soccer on the grass. Submitted by Melissa McClellan.


Hibiscus Growing in Winter!

Hibiscus Growing in Winter!I took this photo of our Hibiscus plant (growing in our living room) that bloomed on a very cold but beautiful sunny, snowy day. The beauty of this single bloom in the window is amazing!  Submitted by Diane Buckle

St. Francis and the Cardinal!

St. Francis and the Cardinal!A regular visitor that is always welcome.  Submitted by Tom Bochsler.

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