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One of Many Beautiful Hamilton Spots!

One of Many Beautiful Hamilton Spots!On a gorgeous day, when everything looked wonderful, Helen House captured this stunning photo of the Fifty Point Lighthouse.

Basking in the Sun!

Basking in the Sun!I have never seen so many turtles at one time at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Submitted by Bob Blair.


A Golden City!

A Golden City!This view of Toronto from Sam Lawrence Park came alive as the tall buildings across Lake Ontario began to light up with the reflection from the sun set. Submitted by Jan Armstrong.

As the Sun Comes Up!

As The Sun Comes Up!“My cousin and I walk almost every morning down at Bayfront Park”, writes Sarah Ferguson. “Today was the first morning we saw the longboats down on the bay”.

Our Friendly Neighbour!

Our Friendly Neighbour!“Chippy has been coming to our backyard in the Gage Park area for 6 years”, writes Jim Di Cecca.  “He is very friendly and looks forward to being fed by us”.


Picking a Home!

Picking a Home!At Bayfront Park, the beautiful weather had all the birds out, looking for the perfect spots to make nests and call home for the season! Submitted by Susanne Swayze.



Cat Nap!

Cat Nap!Korkie, the cat, loves to cuddle and hug Kodie, the dog.  Submitted by Nancy Wilson.

A View with a Punch!

A View with a Punch!This photo was taken back in March with my drone flying out over toward the city to give you a bird’s eye view of the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Submitted by Dan Copeland.

A Boy and his Strudel!

A Boy and his Strudel!This is my son, Marc, enjoying the warming weather on the Beach Strip along the Waterfront Trail with “Strudel The Poodle” (who just happens to have her own Instagram account!). Submitted by Rita Tytus.


Flying in the Blue Sky!

Flying in the Blue Sky!“Valley Inn Road is a great spot to view wildlife”, writes Susan Camposilvan. “Today I was lucky enough to capture an Osprey”.


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