Monthly Archives: May 2016

A Little Yawn!

A Little Yawn!A fluffy little gosling about to take a nap at Bayfront Park. Submitted by Emily Deppe.


Home Building!

Home Building!Not only are they majestic and beautiful, but Bald Eagles are also hard workers, building their nest and caring for their family. Submitted by Wendy Schneider.

A Handsome Devil!

A Handsome Devil!My name is Peanut and I found my mommies at the HBSPCA.  Submitted by Cheryl Thompson.

Tranquil Waters!

Tranquil Waters!“This photo was taken at the Centre for Inland Waters, looking towards Burlington”, writes Jim Auty. “ Hundreds of gulls, geese, cormorants and even swans frequent this area”.

On Garden Duty!

On Garden Duty!My grand-dog, Petey, was watching me garden on a beautiful, sunny day. Submitted by Gail Legato, Binbrook.

Enjoying the Magnolias!

Enjoying the Magnolias!While attending the annual Hamilton Area Midwife Client Reunion at Pier 4 Park, Arie Frei, Fiona Frei and Anna-Maria Lavictoire, enjoy a short break under a beautiful Magnolia tree. Submitted by Dave Frei.

Molly with the Mustache!

Molly with the Mustache!Molly is ready and set to sail this boating season. Submitted by Don McEwen, Burlington.

Recovering Red-Necked Grebes

Recovering Red-Necked GrebesOne day later, the red-necked grebes are getting comfortable with each other after the loss of an egg taken out of the nest by a seagull. Submitted by Pat Wintemute.

Valentine & Rosie!

Valentine & Rosie!They were two little kittens looking for a happy forever home when my grand-daughters first saw them. They didn’t have to look any farther as we knew they would make a wonderful addition to our home.  Submitted by Jo Smoke.

A Yellow Beauty!

A Yellow Beauty!“I just love the springtime here in Hamilton. We get to see some of nature’s most beautiful creatures”, writes Jeff Barbour. “This is a Yellow Warbler only seen for a short period in our area”.

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