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June 2016 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: June 2016

A Canadian Puppy!

A Canadian Puppy!Our sweet puppy, Willow, proudly waving her Canada flag. Photo by Kathryn Janitz of Dundas.

Delightful From Any Point!

Delightful From Any Point!“I love the way Mother Nature paints a beautiful picture of a sunrise”, writes Val Patterson. This one was taken from Turkey Point.


I’m Hungry Too!

I'm Hungry Too!We all enjoy eating refreshing oranges on a hot summer day! Submitted by Pat Finnigan.

Violet Harbour!

Violet Harbour!The sunrise sky paints the mouth of the Forty Mile Creek in Grimsby. Submitted by Ron Zabel .

Big and Little!

Big and Little!Here is our Great Dane, Wilson, hanging out with “little sister”, Martha! Submitted by Bonni Green.

Sitting Pretty!

Sitting Pretty!I spotted this beautiful Yellow Warbler while hiking in the Hendrie Valley at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Submitted by Bob Blair.

Sunrise on the Beach!

Sunrise on the Beach!Steve Duric captured this stunning sunrise, shot along Van Wagners Beach.


Yum!What a lovely dinner assortment this robin has collected to take back to the nest. Submitted by Debbie Garbe.

Bird’s-Eye View!

Bird's-Eye View!Early morning view of the Burlington Pier, from 100 feet up, coming in from Hamilton. Submitted by Dan Copeland.

Did You Hear a Catty Mew Call?

Did you hear a catty mew call?“Gray Catbirds are very present right now at the Waterford Ponds along the Waterford Rail Trail,” writes Cynthia Sauchuk. “Relatives of Mockingbirds and Thrashers, Gray Catbirds are capable of making a catty mew call”.


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