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My Ragdoll King!

My Ragdoll King!I have had Nikki since he was a kitten; now he is 8 years old and a very gentle and beautiful blue eyed cat.  Submitted by Leonie Holmes.

What a Beauty!

What a Beauty!Big, bold and beautiful was this white-tailed buck who didn’t seem bothered by me getting close to capture his beauty. Submitted by Pat Wintemute of Dundas.

The Quiet After the Race!

The Quiet After the Race!Even the birds were enjoying a beautiful sunset on the Hamilton Harbour after the dragon boat races! Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

A Welcoming Neighbour!

A Welcoming Neighbour!“We recently moved more north in Burlington and after two days in the house we had a visitor in our backyard”, writes Marelen Stephan-Pinard. “We call him “Red” and he is beautiful to watch”.


Hopping the Day Away!

Hopping the Day Away!On the Cherry Hill trail at the RBG; I caught him as he was hopping from one branch to the other! Submitted by Lindsay Cupit.

Hamilton Beach Strip

Hamilton Beach StripMy daughter Emily Johnson stopped to admire the view….she took this while on a 40k bike ride! Submitted by Anne Johnson.

Bath Time!

Bath Time!After feeding on an orange, this Baltimore Oriole enjoys a quick bath in our pond. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

Family Photo!

Family Photo!I had my camera with me in the yard and when I looked up I saw this perfect pose of two young squirrels and the Mom relaxing on the balcony of their house. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

So Many Bees!

So Many Bees!So many species blooming for the start of the summer. Beautiful day for a walk at the RBG. Submitted by Alice Bespolko


On the Boardwalk!

On the Boardwalk!You never know who you will meet at RBG in the morning. Submitted by Daniel MacEwan.

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