Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Colourful Walk!

A Colourful Walk!Eleanor Komadowski likes walking by Sam Lawrence Park up on the mountain, enjoying the view and the beautiful flowers by the stairs.


"Scram!"That’s what one Lesser Yellowleg seems to be saying to the other one on a beautiful afternoon at Grindstone Creek. Submitted by Wendy Schneider.

Sunlamp at Spencer Smith Park!

Sunlamp at Spencer Smith Park!Sunrise at the park is a little more interesting with the pier as a backdrop! Submitted by George Johnson.

Hand in Hand!

Hand in Hand!Cousins Jack Fraelic, Maximus Spadafora and Tyson Spadafora, enjoying a stroll through Turkey Point Provincial Park. Submitted by Angela Spadafora.

Cute Little Thing!

We found this Gray Treefrog just chilling in one of our flower pots; we took him out to get a better picture, then put him right back.  Submitted by Nicole Vella and Brad Costello.

Furry Friends!

Furry Friends!Freeman, the French Bulldog Pug, poses for a quick shot with her new beach bag.  Submitted by Simon Marshall.

Lovely Summer Sunset!

Lovely Summer Sunset!At the end of August the sun was changing positions; with that came some spectacular sunsets, like this one, captured at Pier 4 Park. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Canada’s Most Fightingest Ship!

Canada's Most Fightingest Ship!The sun rises and reflects beautifully on the HMCS Haida. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

Mirrored Reflection!

Mirrored Reflection!What a beautiful shot on a most beautiful day! Submitted by Laura Duxbury.

I Can See For Miles!

I Can See For Miles!On a clear day, you really can see for miles and miles.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.


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