Monthly Archives: November 2016

Cedar Waxing Turf War!

Cedar Waxing Turf War!Bob Blair caught these two on a little turf war at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The Over The Shoulder Pose!

The Over The Shoulder Pose!While photographing the birds and Fall colours at Bayfront Park, this beautiful hawk landed on top of the light post for his photo op! Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

A Colourful Ride!

A Colourful Ride!In the saddle, looking over Fall’s beautiful creations. Submitted by Jessica Spotts.

Can I Play Some More?

Can I Play Some More?One year old Schipperke, Whisper, has a new found love of playing in the leaves!  Submitted by Natalie Pecyna.

A Balancing Act!

A Balancing Act!Having fun at the Dutch Mill Country Market in Dundas. Submitted by Linda Bajic.


Skylines!The Toronto skyline showing in the background of the Stoney Creek cross on a beautiful Fall day. Submitted by George Johnson.

Red Rose!

Red Rose!Nicole Vella from Ancaster found this crystallized looking rose still in bloom.

Mirroring the Colours!

Mirroring the Colours!After a long, hot, dry summer in Southern Ontario, I was expecting a short, dull autumn. I’m so glad my prediction was wrong! The colours at Terra Cotta Conservation Area in Halton Hills were so wonderfully vibrant and lovely to see! Submitted by Frances Maas.


Strike a Pose!

Strike a Pose!My dog, Cash, posing for a picture after a long hike in the woods.  Submitted by Matthew Fotheringham.

From Captain to Captain!

From Captain to Captain!“My son, Blake McLaughlin, stopped by the Waterdown Fire Station during our Halloween trick or treat route”, writes Danielle Goud. “The actual Captain answered the door, gave us some chocolate and showed us around the trucks!”


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