Monthly Archives: February 2017

Morning Light Show!

Morning Light Show!Sometimes, if you wake up early enough, you can witness a beautiful light show in the morning. Submitted by Deke M. Snow.

Adorable Raptor?

Adorable Raptor?An oxymoron for sure but if a raptor could be considered adorable, I think this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk would certainly qualify.  Submitted by Lois McNaught.

Snow Baby!

Snow Baby!This is baby Roxy, dreaming for a big snowfall!  Submitted by Sarah Earl.

I’m Seeing Double!

I'm Seeing Double!Horses, Bob and Bill, were enjoying a mild day in February. Submitted by Judy Gurman.

Sneaky Fox!

Sneaky Fox!Joel Marshal came upon this sly fox on a hike in the Dundas Valley.

McQuesten High Level Bridge

McQuesten High Level BridgeWalking along the McQuesten Bridge on York Street will always give you a magnificent city view, day or night. Submitted by Heather Petre.

Backyard Picnic!

Backyard Picnic!Snow was not going to stop this little guy from having his backyard picnic. Summited by Val Patterson.

Good Morning Hamilton!

Good Morning Hamilton!Such a beautiful sunrise captured from the observation area on Plains Road. Sent by Sandi Schmidt-Munro.

Cuddling all the Time!

Cuddling all the Time!Our two cats, Simon (black) and Dixie (white) absolutely love each other.  Submitted by Kate Hawtin.

Outdoor Visitor

Outside Visitor!This little guy is a regular visitor to the tree in front of our apartment. Submitted by Ian Strachan.

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