Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring Tide!

Spring Tide!This display at the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse really “took the cake” during March Break! Submitted by Peter McCormick.

Keeping an Eagle Eye on the Area!

Keeping an Eagle Eye on the Area!A Bald Eagle sitting on a tree at the Caledonia Dam. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Crashing Waves!

Crashing Waves!It was looking a little blue down by the lake on a windy March morning!  Submitted by George Johnson.

Are You My Cousin?

Are You My Cousin?“This Purple Finch checked out the “bird” on the top of our bird feeder, before he flew down to pick up a few seeds”, writes Jan Armstrong. “They sort of have the same profile… maybe he thought it was a relative!”

Gentle Beauty!

Gentle Beauty!The greenhouse in Gage Park is full of wonders and delights! Submitted by Bill Poole.

Meet Mr. Sheldon Cooper…

Meet Mr. Sheldon Cooper...Our super spoiled, super loved, furry, four-legged fur-son.   Submitted by Dee Orford.

Lovely Weather for Ducks!

Lovely Weather for Ducks!Many different kinds of ducks have been overwintering in Hamilton Harbour this year, including this beautiful Redhead couple. Submitted by Lois McNaught.

The Man Behind The University!

The Man Behind The University!The life-size, bronzed image of William McMaster resting on a beautiful warm day in Autumn. Submitted by Lynn Sorowka.

Spring is Struttin’ in Flamborough!

Spring is Struttin' in Flamborough!Showing off his Spring best to the ladies in my backyard. Submitted by Cale Heustin.

Beauty at it’s Best!

Beauty at it's Best!These three beauties were quite content to say cheese for the camera.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

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