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April 2017 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: April 2017

Van Dogh…

Van Dogh...Cute little artist! Submitted by Alicia Nisbet.

Sneaky, Happy Fox!

Sneaky, Happy Fox!“I took this picture on a walk along the Mountain Brow rail trail”, writes Robert Barnes. “He was very friendly, took no concern of us and our little dog”.

So Happy Together!

So Happy Together!I was ecstatic to spot these Great Horned Owls when out for a walk on Saturday. Submitted by Jacqui Lamb.

Delicious Nuts!

Delicious Nuts!While on a walk at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Alice Bespolko enjoyed watching this little red squirrel eating his lunch.

Sunrise Over the Skyway!

Sunrise Over the Skyway!I took this photograph atop the Sydenham Road lookout. Submitted by Gedas Blekaitis.

Come Out and Have Fun!

Come Out and Have Fun!This is Chewy at Red Hill Creek enjoying the spring weather. Submitted by Andrew Stevenson.


Signs of Spring are Everywhere!

Signs of Spring are Everywhere!While out on a stroll in Westdale, Anita Kanwar noticed these gorgeous flowers.

My Wee Bag Lady!

My Wee Bag Lady!This is my cat, Maxine.  She loves bags!  Submitted by Cheryl Waldron.

The Hammer After the Rain!

The Hammer After the Rain!The view from the mountain brow after the rain let up, the sun shining on our great town. Submitted by Heather Petre.

Pretty in Blue!

Pretty in Blue!Tree swallows are building their nests at Mount Albion Conservation Area. Submitted by Michael Hunter.

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