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Magnificent!“The waters surrounding our beautiful city is a photographer’s delight”, writes Leslie Harris.  “From ships to sunsets and wildlife.  There is always an opportunity to showcase Hamilton!”

Call of Beauty!

Call of Beauty!The Baltimore Orioles have returned with their beautiful colours. Sandi Schmidt was relaxing in the backyard when she heard this beauty’s call.


Reflections...A reflection of Hamilton at night. Submitted by Sylvia Beltrame.

Sun Tanning!

Sun Tanning!This is our pet hedgehog, Waffles.  Submitted by Charla Brooks.

Hamilton Love

Hamilton LoveA beautiful spring morning, enjoying the view of downtown Hamilton. Submitted by Alexis Leslie.

Long-Tailed Ducks

Long-Tailed DucksThese attractive diving ducks, which can dive to a depth of 60 meters (almost 200 ft.), will be leaving Hamilton shortly to spend the summer in the Canadian Arctic. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.

Spring Garden

Spring GardenCliff McEwen enjoys the view of his neighbour’s beautiful garden in Carlisle, Ontario.

Crashing Waves!

Crashing Waves!Such a breathtaking view to witness the waves coming up so high over the Burlington Canal South Pier Outer. Submitted by Danielle Smiley.

Visiting the Farm

Visiting the FarmOne of the best things about Spring is seeing all the newborns.  Submitted by Nicole Vella.

Meet Huxley!

Meet Huxley!Our very own, loyal Blue Jay fan.  Submitted by Anne Marie Herd.

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