Monthly Archives: July 2017

Dinner Time!

Dinner Time!The Red Cardinal was just passing through my vegetable garden to catch a delicious, juicy caterpillar for dinner. Submitted by Angela Romano from Stoney Creek.

A Refreshing Walk!

A Refreshing Walk!This is Holly at La Salle Park Marina. Submitted by Ralph and Joanne Elzinga.

Little Golden Beauty!

Little Golden Beauty!“This photo of a Barn Swallow was taken at the Mountsberg Conservation Area”, writes Janina Vanderpost.  “They are beautiful birds and hard to photograph because they hardly ever sit still”.

A Favourite Viewing Spot!

A Favourite Viewing Spot!Many people enjoy the view of downtown Hamilton from the mountain. Submitted by Danielle Smiley.

Horses on a Field!

Horses on a Field!Caught these beauties enjoying the late summer sun one evening while out for a drive. Submitted by Carrianne James.

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!This Osprey fledgling waits with anticipation as papa Osprey returns from his travels. Submitted by Wendy Schneider.

The Calm After the Storm!

The Calm After the Storm!Over Case United Church in Glanbrook, Ontario.  Submitted by Florence Fluit.

Pride, Celebration and Honour!

Submitted by Anita Kanwar.

Glamour Shots!

Glamour Shots!Our fur baby, Penny, is happy to pose for her fans.  Submitted by Paul Sabatini.

Tall Ships

Tall ShipsTim Serneels had the best view of these magnificent ships from his kayak.

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