Monthly Archives: September 2017

Skillful Little Guy!

Skillful Little Guy!Swimming and fishing at the same time!  Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Good Evening Mr. Heron!

Good Evening Mr. Heron!Hoping to catch some dinner in the Caledonia River before the sun sets. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Too Hot to Hop!

Too Hot to Hop!“This little grasshopper was having a long siesta in the hot sun on the Sedum in my front yard in Dundas yesterday”, writes Thelma Ball. “He didn’t even move when I crept in to take his picture”.

Rock Garden in Dundas Driving Park

Rock Garden In Dundas Driving Park“While walking in the Driving Park, I was amazed at the colours this time of year”, writes Judi Kruzins. “The volunteers have done an exceptional job!”

Bee-autiful Nature!

Bee-autiful Nature!Captured this bee on the weekend the Royal Botanical Garden Rock Garden. Submitted by Emma O’Brien.

Along the Waterfront Trail

Along the Waterfront TrailAn early morning biker, taking advantage of the exceptional late summer weather. Submitted by Hugh McGilchrist.

Life is Good!

Life is Good!Our boy, Moose, relaxing on a nice Summer day. Submitted by Marc and Betty Ann Mammoletti.

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!It looks like the backyard Chipmunk is gearing up for an adventure! Submitted by Bob Blair.

A Nice Day at the Beach!

A Nice Day at the Beach!This picture is of Kelson Beach, located in Grimsby, Ontario. Submitted by Luke Connelly.

A Bug’s Life!

A Bug's Life!We caught a picture of this insect, very well camouflaged on a pine cone, when taking a walk in our Dundas neighborhood. Submitted by Robert Lee.

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