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October 2017 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: October 2017

Trick and Treat!

Trick and Treat!Twins, Sage and Logan, are ready for their first Halloween. Submitted by Terry Shields.

Orange on Orange!

Orange on Orange!“This Monarch butterfly is almost camouflaged on the orange Dahlia flower in our garden”, writes Joseph Hollick. “We were surprised that the Monarch is still here and had not yet migrated south as it was mid-October when I took this picture”.

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!My guinea pig, Remy, ready for Halloween. Submitted by Joan Sopkow.

Graceful Glide!

Graceful Glide!This year there seems to be several bird species showing higher numbers than normal in the area, including Wood Ducks, Green Herons and Egrets, including this Egret at Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Ron Barrons.

Enjoy the View!

Enjoy the View!Hiking the trails at the Spencer Gorge has never been so beautiful! Taken on a fall morning by Alexis Alyssa Leslie.

A Sweet Treat!

A Sweet Treat!“The Scented Garden in Hendrie Park at the RBG served as a stopover for a huge number of Monarch Butterflies”, writes Barbara Philps. “It was truly a spectacular sight!”

Flowing Beauty!

Flowing Beauty!A beautiful Autumn day at Red Hill Creek. Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Burly Bark

Burly BarkChecking out one of many burled willow trees along the waterfront trail at Confederation Beach Park in Hamilton. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.


Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!The butterfly and the bee decided to have a staring contest. Submitted by Melissa Kleinjan.

Pretty Red Coat!

Pretty Red Coat!I spotted this Red Squirrel feeding in an Eastern Hemlock during a fall visit to the Royal Botanical Garden’s Rock Garden. Submitted by April Severin.

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