Monthly Archives: February 2018

Big Ice Chunks!

Big Ice Chunks!A different, still beautiful view along the Grand River in Caledonia. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Icy Steeltown Sunset

Icy Steeltown Sunset“In the moment I just had to stop and snap this picture. As a lifelong steelworker and somebody so proud of this town, it’s what summed it all up for me.”  Submitted by Steve House.

LaSalle Marina Swan

LaSalle Marina Swan“This handsome Trumpeter Swan enjoyed the mild temperatures and decided to get some sun on his tummy.”  Submitted by Barbara Canney.

One Reliable Friend!

One Reliable Friend!“When the vacuum cleaner comes out Benny takes comfort in his stuffed bunny.”  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

Snoozin’ in the Sun?

Snoozin' in the Sun?“This little grey Screech Owl just loves to sleep in the afternoon sunshine,” writes Lois, “love how it is camouflaged so well by its surroundings.” Submitted by Lois McNaught.

So, Where Can I Swim Now?

So, Where Can I Swim Now?On a rare bicycling trip from Dundas to Pier 8 in Hamilton, I was surprised to see a mute swan or two slapping around on Hamilton Harbour ice floes. Submitted by Neal Bonnor.

Websters Falls

Websters FallsOne of nature’s beautiful work of art. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

I’m Ready! You’re Ready! We’re All Ready!

I'm Ready!  You're Ready!  We're All Ready!Even the waterfront is ready for Spring and Summer!  Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Orange Beauty!

Enjoying the Moment!This beautiful little red head was seen basking in the sun near the Devils Punch Bowl. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Enjoying the Moment!

Enjoying the Moment!“My kitten, Donald, is extremely pleased with all this white fluffy cold stuff on the ground to play with.”  Submitted by Melissa Kleinjan.

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