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March 2018 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: March 2018

An Ice Fishing Expert!

An Ice Fishing Expert!The ice may be a little thin at Pier 4, but the fishing was still pretty good. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

A Rare Sighting!

A Rare Sighting!“For the first time in 5 years, the Konjac plant has bloomed in the Mediterranean Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens”, writes Frances Maas. “Just don’t breathe deep when you stand near because it’s also very stinky!”

Their Last Sunset!

Their Last Sunset!These are the iconic Nanticoke Power Generation Smoke Stacks on their last sunset… what a beauty! Submitted by Jim Auty.

I’m the King of the… Snow Mountain!

I'm the King of the... Snow Mountain!Junior kindergartener, James, was loving the winter wonderland a few weeks ago in our beautiful Mountview Park. Submitted by Mom, Tammy Solman.

A Red Beauty!

A Red Beauty!A Northern Cardinal relaxing in my backyard bird oasis. Submitted by Art Ward.

Is It Golf Season Yet?

Is It Golf Season Yet?Murphy, Charlie and Bobbi can’t wait for spring to be sprung. Submitted by Milena Head.

What More Could One Ask For?

What More Could One Ask For?“A wonderful morning at the Royal Botanical Gardens to see the beautiful orchids and frogs”, writes Kathy Ward. “This Orchid Disa Uniflora is one of so many beauties; the tiny Dart Poison Frogs were very popular”.

Trumpeter Swans on Ice

Trumpeter Swans on IceA rainy and foggy morning at LaSalle Park, Burlington… still beautiful! Submitted by Gail Burstyn.

Woody and His Girl!

Woody and His Girl!The famous duck couple at LaSalle Park in Aldershot. Submitted by Joel Marshall.

Cold But Peaceful!

Cold But Peaceful!Port Dover a few weeks ago… Stunning! Submitted by Bruce Kirby.

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