Monthly Archives: April 2018

Wildlife Beauty!

Wildlife Beauty!“I came across this stunning blonde Coyote while birding the Mount Albion Conservation Area”, writes Tristan Uchida. “Sometimes you just get lucky”.


Finally!Mya is happy that Spring is finally here! From Patti Beamsley.

A Morning Lift!

A Morning Lift!It was beautiful to see the sun rise and light up the colour and reflection of the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

Fantastic View!

Fantastic View!A spectacular sunrise over Lake Ontario on a beautiful Spring day. Submitted by Norman Chan.

Party Time!

Party Time!Hibernation is finally over! Taken at Bayfront Park by Brooke Daigle.

Feeling Inspired!

Feeling Inspired!“Sometimes, it is in our reflections that we experience the greatest clarity”, writes Anita Kanwar. “Enjoying the serenity at Bayfront Park.”

Tiny, Beautiful Drops!

Tiny, Beautiful Drops!With the Winter weather still hanging on, this is the only snow that is welcome. A harbinger of Spring, my Snowdrops. Submitted by Marjorie Hoekstra.

Hidden Treasure!

Hidden Treasure!After a nice 4 km walk, I found this beauty… Hilton Falls in Milton, Ontario. Submitted by Ajay Mathew.

My Paper!

My Paper!My daily routine of trying to read the paper! Charcoal does not want to let me catch up on the news. She’s too cute! Submitted by Cindy Raymer.


Horned Grebe

Horned GrebeThis small diving bird is named for the tuft of feathers behind its eye!  Taken at La Salle Marina by Bob Blair.

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