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May 2018 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: May 2018

Take a Book, Share a Book!

Take a Book, Share a Book!These two branches of the London Street South “Little Free Library” are now open for business!  Submitted by Paul Charles.

In Full Spring Mode!

In Full Spring Mode!“The pathway down to Bayfront Park is breathtaking”, writes Pat Brown.  “The blossoms are so beautiful”.

Patience is the Key to Everything!

Patience is the Key to Everything!Watching the Robin’s nest in our front yard; waiting for the new arrivals of the season. Submitted by Jonalyn Oclos.


Adorable!Canada Goose Gosling finding its legs at Bayfront Park.  Submitted by Victoria Martin.

My Little Couch Potato!

My Little Couch Potato!Maya fell asleep watching TV.  Submitted by Liander Styres-MacLeod.

Tiny, Tiny One!

Tiny, Tiny One!This baby turtle was sunning on the 13th green at Southern Pines.  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

Cormorants Walking on Water?

Cormorants Walking on Water?It appears so, as the chase is on for the fish that was caught!  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

No Need for Words!

No Need for Words!“I have been chasing this sunrise of the bay for over a year and a half”, writes Anita Kanwar. “To me, this photo captures the beauty of Hamilton”.

Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!Peter Granka found a nice surprise at Confederation Park.

I’m Watching You!

I'm Watching You!A handsome Red-tail Hawk posing at Sassafras Point in beautiful Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

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