Monthly Archives: June 2018

Happy 151st Birthday Canada!

Happy 151st Birthday Canada!Sheepadoodles, Murphy and Charlie, are proud Canadians that wish everyone a Happy Canada Day!  Submitted by Milena Head.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood!

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood!“We voted down at Bayfront Park and took our daughter with us”, writes Samara Brazeau.  “We stopped for playtime at the little boat on a beautiful day”.

Bee on Blossoms!

Bee on Blossoms!Taken a couple of weeks ago in the Aberdeen Avenue and Hyde Park Avenue area of Hamilton.  Submitted by Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith.

It’s a Spring Thing!

It's a Spring Thing!Sometimes a purple Allium can have an “other-worldly” kind of vibe!  Submitted by Betsy McBurney.

Flying High!

Flying High!A Green Heron flying over Windermere Basin.  Submitted by Bob Fotheringham.

Magnificent Catch!

Magnificent Catch!Fishermen catch a beautiful sunset on the bay.  Submitted by Phil Beard.

Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!My dog, Mya, enjoying the Spring day. Albeit, she would rather chew her ball than fetch it!  Submitted by Rick Reeves.

Family Outing!

Family Outing!A baby Sandhill Crane being protected by its parents at Grass Lake area near Brantford.  Submitted by Don Book.

First Born!

First Born!The first chick in the nest!  Submitted by Sarah Ecker.

Exchanging Glances!

Exchanging Glances!This beautiful Great Horned Owl was checking me out at the Royal Botanical Gardens!  Submitted by Bob Blair.

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