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July 2018 – Eye On The Area

Monthly Archives: July 2018

Early Morning Canoe Ride

Early Morning Canoe Ride“It is in that quiet place at our centre that we hear the whispers of our soul”.  Submitted by Betty Egger.

If I Close My Eyes…

If I Close My Eyes...… MAYBE HE WILL NOT SEE ME! – Walking around his garden, Rick Grant found this little Cottontail Rabbit trying to hide.

Summer Vibe!

Summer Vibe!Jaxie: Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself. Submitted by Cyndy Garr.

We Are Hungry!

We Are Hungry!“Fledgling cormorants await their next meal along East Port Drive, Hamilton Harbour”, writes Richard Zazulak. “This is a major nesting area for both cormorants and sea gulls”.

Frozen in Mid Air!

Frozen in Mid Air!Bruce Kirby got a nice shot of this little Hummingbird approaching his feeder.

Making Waves!

Making Waves!Mother duck and ducklings out for a morning swim.  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Paws Awhile!

Paws Awhile!“My dog, Scooter, sparing a moment to have a drink on a hot afternoon”, writes Frank Gallo. “The situation is not so much a highlight of the dog as it is by the very kind gesture that was offered to passers-bye that happened along the street on the end of a leash”.

Prickly Beauty!

Prickly Beauty!Beware my pretty prickly pear, lest pins and needles be your fare!  Submitted by John Rigg.

Hidden Gem

Hidden GemJanine Weaver found this shy friend carefully watching her surroundings at Cootes Paradise.


Flower Child

Flower ChildMy little 11 week old pug, Otis, found a piece of sunshine to play with.  Submitted by Bethany Gradwell.

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