Monthly Archives: August 2018

Orange is the New Blue!

Orange is the New Blue!A Great Blue Heron dries out in the sun.  Submitted by Wayne Fulford.

Beautiful Lady!

Beautiful Lady!Beauty in the garden of Echinacea.  Submited by John Rigg.

Grey Tree Frog

Grey Tree Frog“I found this Grey Tree Frog resting on a Prairie Fire leaf in our front yard in East Flamborough”.  Submitted by Latham Hunter.

Baker’s Dozen

Baker's DozenGreat moment caught by Rob Ableman. Are they queuing up for something?

Peaceful Family Outing

Peaceful Family OutingA beautiful family of swans that call the Bayfront home.  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Sun Tanning!

Sun Tanning!This is Bentley, our 2 year old Basenji. He loves lying around the pool enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Submitted by Chris Peitchinis.

Morning Mist

Morning MistGeorge Johnson took this beautiful photo while kayaking in the early morning hours on Eels Lake near Bancroft.

Tasty Snack!

Tasty Snack!Raymond Herrick found this chipmunk eating a green tomato on his visit of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Family Meeting

Family MeetingA beautiful photo of the family of Cooper’s Hawks nesting.  Submitted by Bryce Walker.

“Bee-sy” Working!

"Bee-sy" Working!Watching the bees work hard in the garden.  Submitted by Patrizia Fazzari.

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