Monthly Archives: October 2018

Pumpkins and Colourful Fall Leaves

Pumpkins and Colourful Fall LeavesWonderful Fall happenings are ready to enjoy!  Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Up Close and Personal!

Up Close and Personal!Cormorants, you see them flying, swimming and diving all around the Hamilton Bay.  Submitted by Brenda Moore.

Tranquility at Its Finest!

Tranquility at Its Finest!A nice, peaceful scene captured at Myers Farm.  Submitted by Jho Oclos.

The Squad!

The Squad!Milo, Murphy and Penni are Halloween ready!  Submitted by Jenna McClory-Ragona.

Young Punk!

Young Punk!This young Cardinal paid a quick visit to Paul Cuthbert when he was having an afternoon coffee on the deck.

Red October!

Red October!Enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn.  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Morning Singer!

Morning Singer!Cherry Hill boasts a cherry red beauty!  Submitted by Charlotte Gillis.


Misty Blue!

Misty Blue!Hamilton has many fine structures and scenes that make great photographs. This is a photo of the Gage Park fountain as captured by Danny Connon.

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!A mink having lunch at Princess Point.  Submitted by Stewart Jarvis.

Feeding Time!

Feeding Time!It is a quiet multitude of little miracles that makes life sweet.  Submitted by Sunita Ryzewics.

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