Monthly Archives: January 2019

Bright Winter Day

Bright Winter DaySome days, even in winter, the sunshine can make all the difference! Sent by Rick Grant.

Spectacular Display

Spectacular DisplayYou don’t need to go to other countries to see some amazing views. Sent by Norelyn Macalma-Early.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for SpringThis grumpy squirrel does not look like it’s enjoying the cold weather. Sent by Kevin Saloranta.

Looking Majestic

Looking Majestic“A beautiful young hawk flew by me and landed on a light post. Amazingly beautiful.” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Peanut Wishes Peace To All

Peanut Wishes Peace To All“Peanut, our Havanese puppy, wishes everyone a Pawsatively Happy New Year and Peace Health and Happiness to All!”  Submitted by Marilyn Brown.

View of Stelco

View of StelcoDiane Brown wrote: “I took this picture at about 6:30 a.m. looking at Stelco from North Shore Blvd. in Aldershot.  I love orange!”

Raucous Outing

Raucous OutingThe sun was out in La Salle Park and this raucous group was having a blast. Sent by Bernice Kipp.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!Murphy and Charlie keeping warm and staying stylish this winter. Sent by Gord Head.

Suspicious Glare

Suspicious GlareThis cautious Blue Jay seems to be worried about getting its peanut taken away. Sent by Angela Mercurio.

Shinning Bright!

Shinning Bright!Beautiful lights from downtown Hamilton. Taken from Sam Lawrence Park, Hamilton Mountain. Sent by Norelyn Macalma-Early.

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