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Hamilton, Ontario

Welcome to Eye on the Area

Think you have an interesting local story to tell with a great photo?  The Hamilton Spectator wants to hear all about it!

You are invited to submit your photo of Hamilton and surrounding areas! We are currently accepting photo submissions to be considered to appear in our daily Classified feature, Eye on the Area, and online on this blog.

Email your photo submissions to along with your name, address and phone number, and some description or information about the photograph.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let us feature a picture you have taken!

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  1. Great photos online and in The Spec.
    As a previous camera club member (Executive and Newsletter Editor), I recall the difficulties we often had in choosing winning photo submissions for various events. Often a tough, but enjoyable, job!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Glad you maintain this outlet for photographic vision. I check it daily.
    I have had photos published here in the past and today have submitted two more for consideration (and hopefully publication).

    • Like Jim Auty, an old friend and associate from our days at Harvester/JI Case, I have submitted a number of photos over the years . I’m happy that you continue with this feature and I also check it daily.

  2. I have enjoyed the photo’s I have seen in the Spectator and thought this dangerous past time needs to shown to draw attention to the disastrous outcome should an engine failure occur and causing other peoples lives put in danger

  3. I have submitted a picture of my cat Cleo for pet of the week and agree to all terms and conditions.
    My address is …

    Thank you
    Marcy Zonta

    • Hi Marcy!
      Thank you for submitting your photo of Cleo for Pet of the Week. She’s so cute!
      Unfortunately the photo is a bit blurry so it was not selected.
      We look forward to receiving more photos from you so they can go into the selection again.
      The Eye on the Area team!

  4. I have submitted a picture of my cat Sapphire for pet of the week and agree to all terms and conditions.
    Thank you
    Katherine Atkins

  5. Question, I sent in a picture of my neighbors garden about 3 or 4 days ago and replied to your e-mail agreeing to your terms and conditions along with my name address and telephone number, however I keep receiving the same e-mail from you?
    Three times now am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you,
    Cliff McEwen

  6. Does the photo submitted have to be current or within the last year per say. I wanted to submit a sunset photo from Cootes last fall

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