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Always Watch What You Eat!

Always Watch What You Eat!Emily Deppe spotted this fluffy little gosling taking a stroll with his parents at LaSalle Park.

1, 2, 3… Chin-Ups!

1, 2, 3... Chin-Ups!While out walking along the boardwalk in Hendrie Valley, this little feathered bird allowed me to come up close to snap this picture. Submitted by Garly Sett.

Playing on a Sunny Day!

Playing on a Sunny Day!Felix is my Grandma’s faithful sidekick. Here he is enjoying the spring sunshine in his backyard.  Submitted by Heather Smith.

Highland Cattle in Flamborough!

Highland Cattle in Flamborough!Far from the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, these Highland cattle are grazing the rolling hills of Flamborough.   Submitted by Robert Sorrell.



The Good Old Times!

The Good Old Times!“This is a picture of the Grant Brothers, taken about 75 to 80 years ago”, writes Diana Grant. “It was located on the corner of Cannon and Victoria, Hamilton”.


Keeping Watch!

Keeping Watch!“I was very happy to see that the Green Herons have returned to the Royal Botanical Gardens this year to nest”, writes heather Smith. “This beauty was keeping a close eye on his nesting mate a short distance away”.

Spring is Everywhere!

Spring is Everywhere!Spring is still springing beautifully here in Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines. Submitted by Michael Ugulini.



Nice Wheels!

Nice Wheels!Keith MacIntyre, of Binbrook, custom built this Ford 1925 Model T in his garage, using all original parts he collected at local swap meets and buying / selling with local rodders. Submitted by Sarah Vargo.


Let’s Go for a Walk!

Let's Go for a Walk!This is Max, waiting patiently to go for a walk on a lovely Spring day with his Mom and her walker.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

A Dreamy Sunset In Hamilton!

A Dreamy Sunset in Hamilton!“I walked up to Sam Lawrence Park to watch the sunset”, writes Irini Patsalides. “When I came to the grassy field at the top of the park, I was speechless… the view was breathtaking!”

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