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Sun Going Down on the Bayfront Pier

Sun Going Down on the Bayfront PierWith the nicer weather, we can again enjoy the nice evening walks at Bayfront Park. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.


Where is Waldo?

Where is Waldo?“One morning while exploring, I stumbled upon a Screech Owl and a Downy Woodpecker checking out the Owl”, writes Alicia Lubera.  “It was almost as if the Woodpecker was saying to the owl “Hey, you ever going to wake up? What are you doing in that hole in the tree?”


The Blue Bird of Happiness!

The Blue Bird of Happiness!I captured this little guy one cold February day while out at the RBG Arboretum. I was surprised to see this Eastern Blue Bird because I thought they had all migrated in the fall. Submitted by Lyle Jeakins.

Lovely Walk!

Lovely Walk!While out on an afternoon walk, Amanda Capoferri took this lovely picture at Spencer Smith Park.

Springtime is all Around Us!

Springtime is all Around Us!Ice is now gone and all the water creatures are back to enjoy another season on Lake Gibson, in Thorold, Ontario. Submitted by Ted Kilgour.

Ready or not…


Ready or not...Here’s our cat, Myron, taking a snooze in a 1942 RCA Globemaster radio cabinet that I’m working on, while Amber looks on in the background.  Submitted by Paul Casey.

The Blue Hour!

The Blue Hour!“I got up early one morning and took some shots in the “blue hour” of the groynes at Fifty Point”, writes Neville Newman. “It is a location that is always rewarding”.


Little Known Gem!

Little Known Gem!Rockway Glen is a little known gem along the escarpment, with 15 Mile Creek supplying the water. This shot was taken from a drone hovering just below ground level. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.


A Wonderful Surprise!

A Wonderful Surprise!“While out hiking the Bruce Trail with my husband, Jeff, we had the thrill of seeing this beautiful Great Horned Owlet” writes Sandra Barbour. “It is so exciting to have so much wildlife right here in our own city!”


Painting in the Sky!

Painting in the Sky!As I stopped along the Number 6 Bypass to Caledonia to take this beautiful picture, so did a lovely police officer. She wanted to make sure I wasn’t in any trouble. We both agreed that, YES, moments like these need to be captured.  Submitted by Deb Klunder.


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