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Her First Snow Day!

Her First Snow Day!This is Miss Penni enjoying her first snow day, and with more snow on the way, she’s more excited!  Submitted by Jenna McClory.


Cheese!“While passing by the boats at Bronte Harbour, I heard something rustling in a tree”, writes Sandi Schmidt. “To my surprise it was a baby squirrel, smiling and posing for me!”

Back Off, Buddy!

Back Off, Buddy!“There are many beautiful waterfowl to see at LaSalle Park”, writes Cam Goede. “This large swan had decided that I had gotten close enough”.

Can You Find Them All?

Can you Find Them All?Enjoying the morning sun in our backyard lilacs, we spotted 13 male and 5 female Cardinals, 2 Blue Jays and a few Sparrows. What a magnificent sight! Submitted by Betsy Smith of Cayuga.

Not for the Faint of Heart!

Not for the Faint of Heart!Lois McNaught came across these brave souls making the most of winter by scaling the ice of the 21-metre-high Tiffany Falls in Ancaster.




Xiao Gou“This is our ‘Xiao Gou’, which means little dog in Mandarin”, writes Melissa Punti. “Our family recently returned to Canada from living in Taiwan. We love her very much!”

Morning Visitors!

Morning Visitors!“These two large and beautiful foxes were walking around our on-ground pool this morning”, writes Ruth Nicholson. “They actually visited twice during breakfast”.



Oh No! They Caught Me Again!

Oh No!  They Caught Me Again!This is Mia. She loves rolling around in the bathroom sink, but hates getting caught.  Submitted by Mary Sharpe.

Smooth as Glass!

Smooth As Glass!My wife and I braved the elements and decided to check out the Hamilton Waterfront. We observed these two DN class boats zipping across the bay in front of Leander Boat Club. Submitted by Lyle Jeakins.


Let’s Be Friends!

Let's Be Friends!A female Cardinal and a little Chickadee having a little chat in our backyard. Submitted by Gordon Harris, Waterdown.



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