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The Winter Express!

The Winter Express!Bob Richert captured this train crossing the Grand River dam at Caledonia with mostly solid ice on the river.



“ICESCAPE”! - Nature can be both severe and beautiful at the same time as witnessed by this frozen scene along the Lakeshore in Stoney Creek.  Submitted by George Johnson.


Frozen Pier!

Frozen Pier!Malgorzata Dzierzgowska took this picture from the pier near the Burlington Lift Bridge, on a very cold and windy day.

I Love It!

I Love It!I took this photo recently, on a sunny snow day at Chedoke Golf Course. Our 8 year old Lab, Honey, loves to play in the snow! Submitted by Mike Rossiterl.

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!This is a picture of Lulu enjoying the first major snowfall of 2015!  Submitted by Susan Scott.

Permission for Landing!

Permission for Landing!After hearing from friends that the Snowy Owls were back, I set out and found this beauty.  Submitted by David Barnes.


Winter Stroll!

Winter Stroll!A pair of Canada geese going for a stroll on a frozen Red Hill Creek.  Submitted by Michael Hunter.


TRI-CICLEA very ingenious title given by its photographer for a very nice picture of these three little icicles. Submitted by Susan van der Heiden.

Wondering What to do Out in the Cold?

Wondering What to do Out in the Cold?You can check out the amazing ice formations at some of Hamilton’s Waterfalls.  This one is Smokey Hollow Falls. Submitted and back-lit by Murdock Wong.

Golden on White!

Golden on White!These two Golden Retrievers, Stella and Dakota, love the snow and cold weather! Submitted by Gloria Gregotski from Burlington, Ontario.


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