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Late for Lunch!

Late for Lunch!This little squirrel was enjoying a late lunch in our sunflower patch. Submitted by Laura Leitch.


The Perks of Living in Dundas…

The Perks of Living in Dundas...Having a friend drop by for lunch, as seen from my back porch. Submitted by Nobby Kemmler.

The Three “Mask-eteers”!

The Three Mask-eteers!Jackie Cracknell found these three gorgeous baby raccoons just hanging out in a tree off her deck in Burlington.

My Little Buddy!

My Little Buddy!This is Alfred, he is a dumbo-eared Rex. He is a little cuddle bug who loves back rubs and giving kisses.  Submitted by Laura Charman.

The Tree Frog and the Daylily!

The Tree Frog and the Daylily!What a surprise I had last week when I found this miniature tree frog basking in the sun on my daylily! Submitted by Mary Ann Pearson.

Chip or Dale?

Chip or Dale?“While feeding the squirrels in my backyard I noticed this little fellow having lunch”, writes Mike Gallagher.  “I’m not sure if he is Chip or Dale”.

Save the Tigers!

Save the Tigers!“The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were invited to the Killman Zoo to raise money to help save the tigers”, writes David Erauw. “The timing was perfect as the tiger was out, roaming around just as the players showed up”.

Fun in the Pond!

Fun in the Pond!Diva, my German Shorthaired Pointer, enjoying the summer and her pond.  Submitted by Brenda Kingerley.

Is It Morning Already?

Is it Morning Already?IS IT MORNING ALREADY? – This baby squirrel came to visit me while I was reading the Saturday’s Spectator.   Submitted by Roman Schwenk.

Friends Forever!

Friends Forever!Rusty has a heart condition, so Buggie the cat likes to keep close by. Between the love and the sun, there is a lot of warmth.  Submitted by Diane Waterman.

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