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Catching Some Rays!

Catching Some Rays!This is my beautiful 12 year Airedale, Darby, catching some rays and vitamin D in the garden.  Submitted by Astrid Agro.

King of the Jungle!

King of the Jungle!Our big ol’ boy, Midge, enjoying the garden.  Submitted by Letitia Edwards.

Let’s Go for a Walk!

Let's Go for a Walk!This is Max, waiting patiently to go for a walk on a lovely Spring day with his Mom and her walker.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

Double Trouble!

Double Trouble!These cuties are Andy and Ollie.  Submitted by Cathy Hinchey.

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!This is my beautiful Yorkie-Jack Russell, Rocky.  Submitted by Dolores Welsh.

Please Recycle!

Please Recycle!This is our dog, Zelta, dressed in safety gear and working in the yard. He is always promoting recycling.  Submitted by Chris Caers.

A Gentle Giant!

A Gentle Giant!I took my grand-dog, Jedi, to the Spa for her first birthday. She is a Blue Great Dane. She weighs 125 pounds and believe it or not, is still growing!  Submitted by Helen Manning.

Waiting for the Easter Bunny!

Waiting for the Easter Bunny!Murphy and Charlie (sibling Sheepadoodles) are ready for Easter and Spring!  Submitted by Milena Head.

Caught in the Act!

Caught In The Act!This is Willy with a sock he shouldn’t have.

Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?It’s been cold for so long, Cargo is doubtful whether spring will come back.  Submitted by The Fiorillo Family.

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