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Cheese!“While passing by the boats at Bronte Harbour, I heard something rustling in a tree”, writes Sandi Schmidt. “To my surprise it was a baby squirrel, smiling and posing for me!”

Morning Visitors!

Morning Visitors!“These two large and beautiful foxes were walking around our on-ground pool this morning”, writes Ruth Nicholson. “They actually visited twice during breakfast”.



A Poisonous Ribbit!

A Poisonous Ribbit!A Blue Poison Dart Frog at the frog exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens, on until April 12th. Submitted by Gordon Harris, Waterdown.

Not Angry Birds… Hungry Birds!

Not Angry Birds, Hungry Birds!While hiking at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melissa Northey saw about twenty beautiful and hungry Cedar Waxwings enjoying some berries.

A Rare Sight!

A Rare Sight!I received word from a friend that a Painted Bunting had been seen in Oakville. I had to track it down, being that such a bird is unusual to these parts of Canada. Submitted by David Barnes.


Patience Paid Off!

Patience Paid Off!While hiking at the Royal Botanical Gardens, patience paid off and we finally got this chickadee to get up close and personal. Submitted by Cheryl Ireson of Hamilton.


A Snowy Beauty!

A Snowy Beauty!We went out looking for Snowy Owls and, with the help of Twitter and Hamilton Birding, we found this guy sitting out by Lakeport Drive. Submitted by Eric Brink.

Guardian of the Sky

Guardian of the Sky“A repair, winter reinforcement, or the start of a new 3 month building project?”, writes Grant Gallant. “Either way it is great to see this juvenile Bald Eagle has decided to continue its residency within the Royal Botanical Gardens area”.



Stream at the Bottom of Webster’s Falls

Stream at the bottom of Webster's FallsHeather Petre found her hike in the Webster’s Falls area nice and easy to get around.

Enjoying The Open Water!

Enjoying The Open Water!“My husband, Bob Harrington, took this photo of some Trumpet Swans and Mallard Ducks swimming in a small pond along the North Service Road just blocks from our home in Burlington. Submitted by Diane Harrington.

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